Watch This Woman Discover An Entire Colony Of Bugs Living Inside Her Makeup Sponge

Good news for everyone who’s afraid of letting anything touch their face: Your fears are real and your fears are valid. Because bugs and germs and all sorts of violent bacteria are all over everything. And now the little demons are getting even more confident. First, bugs just landed on your food and sucked your blood at night. Now? Well, now they’re climbing into your makeup sponges and soaps and trying to get inside your body to incubate their babies.

The video above is not disturbingly graphic, but it’s a great reminder to disinfect basically everything as soon as you get it home. Why? Because the sponge you’re about to see, bought by beauty professional Stevie Miller, is brand new. And it’s full of bugs. Just full of them. Watch her remove bug after bug with tweezers and try not to pass out.

Definitely hope she got a refund. Or 10.

(Via Cosmopolitan)