Derrick Rose’s First Game Back Will Reportedly Be Against, You Guessed It, The Heat On Opening Night

07.26.13 6 years ago 6 Comments

Someone in the league office must have gotten a hold of those awesome, fan-made Derrick Rose and LeBron James videos. Word around town is the NBA won’t waste a second renewing the rivalry between the Eastern Conference powers.

The same night the Heat raise their second consecutive banner, Derrick Rose and the Bulls head to town in what stands to be the most anticipated “return” game in recent memory. The Rose dynamic is enough to make it “must-see” TV, but then couple into the fact Miami and Chicago aren’t exactly the most cordial of squads who don’t take their kids on play dates in the offseason and we’ve got a recipe for ratings success.

Meanwhile, the South Florida Sentinel also reports the Heat will travel to Staples Center to face the Lakers on Christmas Day. Which, on paper, makes sense pending Kobe Bryant is back playing basketball at that time. If not, that game could turn into a Hollywood homicide quick, fast and in a hurry.

Speaking of the Christmas Day slate, here’s my yearly opinion (subject to change with the addition of even better match ups in the comments).

Nets @ Knicks (12:00) – Obvious rivalry game, and no one on Earth has forgotten the Carmelo/KG stunt from last season.

Rockets @ Lakers (2:30) – So what it’s an early game out in LA. They’d come out just to boo Dwight. The NBA gets its marquee gossip game. Everyone wins.

Miami @ OKC (5:00) – Because every game between these two always comes down to the wire. Plus, Durant vs. LeBron (with a completely healthy Westbrook and semi-healthy Wade).

Pacers @ Bulls (8:00) – Yes, yes and yes. Lost in their mutual hate for Miami is that before Derrick Rose’s injury these two teams weren’t BFF’s either.

Clippers @ Warriors (10:30) – GET YOUR POPCORN READY!!

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