But Wait, What About Her Superpowers? ‘Thor’ Actress Jaimie Alexander Suffers ‘Pretty Horrible Injury’ On Set

09.27.12 7 years ago 10 Comments

Okay, before we go any further, don’t worry, Jaimie Alexander (the attractive lady to the right) is alright, but things could have been worse. Earlier this week Jaimie tweeted the following…

“Today I sustained a pretty horrible injury. I’m lucky I’m not paralyzed. Thank you (with all of my heart) to those who’ve looked after me.”

Thankfully she later updated with the following…

“Already in recovery mode and my spirits are high. I’ll be back kicking ass as Lady Sif in no time! It can only get better from here on out!”

There’s no word on the exact nature the injury, but apparently it happened when Alexander slipped while wearing her heavy, ridiculous movie armor. I was already dealing with the revelation that Lady Sif doesn’t really have superpowers, and now I learn that her armor is a non-functional burden? This…this is all too much.

via IGN

Jaimie Alexander pic via Shutterstock

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