A Gym-Goer Popped Her Butt Implants While Doing Squats


(Note: This story has been revealed as fake by Gawker. The below-linked pictures belong to Elnaz1985 on Twitter, who describes herself as a “mega huge fake booty” model.)

A Bostonian woman reportedly landed in a coma after a freak gym accident involving her butt implants. The details are sketchy, but Serena Beuford reportedly bought herself a 64-inch tush like so many pop stars do. She wanted to impress men at the gym, which apparently worked. You can see photos of Serena and her installed implants right here. Serena, who wanted to become famous on Instagram, must have selected the Nicki Minaj model.

Unfortunately, Serena chose an unlicensed doctor to perform the procedure. She was performing squats at the gym when her beloved implants exploded:

Serena Beuford, 27, was working out for an Instagram video when she heard a loud pop. Soon after, she fell to the floor screaming in agony … saying that her butt was gone.

That [unlicensed] clinic is now under investigation. Doctors said Beuford will require extensive medical procedures to repair the damage caused by the implants.

The eruption of her implants caused severe damage to her rectum, colon, and lower intestines. The doctor treating Beuford said implants are not healthy for the body and are not meant to last long.

This story mystifies for several reasons but one in particular. If one has butt implants, does one even need to bother doing squats? The superfluous exercise was all for Instagram, and the movement caused the tenuous implants to act like rapidly deploying airbags inside her lower body.

(Via BroBible and News 4 San Antonio)