Caitlyn Jenner Calls Out Trump Over His Reported Plan To ‘Erase’ Trans People, And People Aren’t Buying It

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Caitlyn Jenner never seems to know where she stands when it comes to her support of President Donald Trump, particularly when it comes to his LGBTQ policies. An outspoken Republican and supporter of Trump before the 2016 election (who even documented herself using the ladies’ restroom at Trump Tower), Jenner seemingly experienced buyer’s remorse when Trump rolled back Obama-era trans protections just one month into his administration.

Yet even after that, she continued to stand by her decision to give him her vote, and later that year was even seen wearing a MAGA hat just one week after lashing out at Trump over his proposed transgender military ban.

Now, Trump is reportedly planning to “narrowly defin[e] gender as a biological, immutable condition determined by genitalia at birth,” in the administration’s most extreme effort to diminish protections for transgender Americans yet. And Jenner is once again on the outs with her favorite president. On Monday Jenner tweeted out a graphic directed at Trump stating “trans people won’t be erased.”

Once again, Jenner ostensibly misses the bigger picture. She seems to be just fine and dandy with all of Trump’s other policies and decisions that negatively impact minorities, women, immigrants, etc. — that is, until she personally feels under attack. So once again, Twitter let her have it.

You have to admit, to seemingly claim pariah status on both sides of the political aisle in this day and age is almost impressive, yet somehow Jenner manages to pull it off.