Caitlyn Jenner Still Stands By Her Decision To Vote For Donald Trump

Caitlyn Jenner has taken a lot of flack in the LGBT community for both her conservative Republican viewpoints as well as her support for Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election. During a visit with Seth Meyers on Tuesday night, however, the reality TV star was given an opportunity to defend her decision to vote for, well, another reality TV star.

“I’m not a one issue voter, and so, obviously I know I’m not stupid, the Republican party does not do a good job when it comes to equality and the entire LGBT community, the Democrats are better there,” she admitted. “But for me, I’ve been around for a long time and I’m probably more conservative, I believe in little things like the constitution and freedom, and I believe in minimal government…”

Well between her and Trump, at least one of them believes in those things, anyway. She continued, saying that she knows she needs to “keep an eye on these people” as far as LGBT issues go. “Trump, who I talked to before the inauguration about a lot of LGBT issues … All of a sudden, he gets into office and one of the first things he does, which he never should have done, is repeal the Title 9, for equality for trans people in school.”

She went on to say that she “blasted” the President over this decision, despite it being a good guideline for states to follow. “My loyalty is not with Donald Trump. My loyalty is not with the Republican party. My loyalty is with my community, and I will fight for this community.”

Despite those strong words, Jenner conceded that she couldn’t say whether or not she would vote for Trump again, as a lot can happen in three-and-a-half years and she’ll make that decision when the time comes. That ought to be a long three-and-a-half years.