Time To Find Out How Much Taxpayer Money It Would Take To Be Captain America

We became aware of just how extremely expensive it was to be Batman or Iron Man a few years back. But now, with Marvel ruling the roost and Captain America: The Winter Soldier poised to invade the box office once again, maybe we should find out if becoming the patriotic Avenger is feasible.

So what’s the verdict? Not very cheap. But you kinda knew that already. It’s a lot cheaper than being Batman and Iron Man, but things break the bank when you throw in the need for a fictional metal from a mystical African nation.

I’m going to have to start saving or continue my attempt to turn myself into Teen Wolf. He’s going to be cheap to maintain and he’s going to have all that teenage disposable income. The only problem here is that winter is the worst time to hang naked in the woods.

(Via Movie Clips / Marvel)