‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ Throws Its Mighty Deleted Scenes At Us

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08.13.14 4 Comments

Captain America: The Winter Soldier was quite a good action flick, but one of my complaints was that Black Widow didn’t really have a lot of reason to be around. This deleted scene hints that she might have had a meatier role in the movie, though.

The scene itself is largely the same as the one you saw in theaters, with one crucial difference: Alexander Pierce mentions “the Children’s Ward” as part of Black Widow’s less-than-savory past. For those who aren’t big Marvel nerds, Natasha’s past in the comics involves her being abducted, brainwashed, and being experimented on by the Russian government, and needless to say, when she finally breaks their control, she is not enormously happy with what’s been done to her, or what she’s been made to do.

It’s also interesting from a filmmaking perspective, because as another deleted scene shows us, mostly this movie was about trimming off the fat. Like, for example, a bunch of HYDRA agents hassling a bunch of middle-aged men playing basketball:

Or Jasper Sitwell being an ass:

They’re fun little bits, but yeah, they didn’t need to be in the final movie. We’ll be curious to see what else is coming when the Blu-Ray arrives September 9th. Just don’t expect to get it from Amazon.

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