Carrie Fisher Leaks Again: 'Star Wars: Episode VII' To Film In London

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Everything we know about casting for Star Wars: Episode VII we know because of Carrie Fisher. She’s the first (and only) actor to confirm being in the new movie. She’s also confirmed the return of her two tight-lipped costars, Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford. I wonder what could possibly be making her so talkative? Maybe it’s a side-effect of getting back in shape for filming. I think the bigwigs at Disney finally told her to shut her yap (it’s an industry term), because she stopped talking to the media. Now she’s got other people leaking info for her.

It all began on SiriusXM’s Opie and Anthony Show when comedian Jim Jefferies appeared as a guest. Jefferies was promoting the new season of his show Legit on FXX, and mentioned that Carrie Fisher would be guest-starring in an upcoming episode.When asked what it was like working with Fisher, he told Opie and Anthony:

She’s a funny lady, man. She’ll be smoking cigarettes outside and as soon as she gets inside, she’s straight on to the vapor. She’s had some fucking hard partying in her life, I tell ya….She said to me, she goes ‘I’m going off to London for six months to film the new Star Wars movie,’ right? And I don’t think from looking at it, the new Star Wars movie is a direct continuation. It’s number 7 but it’s not going to be the next day, I’ll tell you that much. Maybe she had the same problem the Emperor had, I don’t know.

It looks like the rumors about the new movie are true. The script is focusing on the main characters of the original trilogy instead of their children. I thinks that’s great; really I do. My only concern is that they’re filming in London. Does that mean we’re going to get Carrie Fisher popping in and out of a bad British accent for another movie?

Via Slashfilm