Cassidy Hutchinson Denies Matt Gaetz’s Claims That They Dated: ‘I Have Much Higher Standards In Men’

Cassidy Hutchinson, the Mark Meadows aide who ratted on Donald Trump last summer at the Jan. 6 hearings, has a new book out. It’s called Enough, and it has even more dirt about the former president’s home stretch in office. There’s one about her old boss burning so many documents that his clothes smelled. There’s one about Donald Trump’s shallow reason for not wearing a mask. In another, she accuses Rudy Giuliani of fondling her with his “frozen fingers.” The fallen “America’s Mayor” isn’t the only one who hit on her.

As per Raw Story, on Monday Hutchinson spoke with Rachel Maddow on her MSNBC show, during which the host dwelled on six instances of Trump cronies groping or “creeping” on her. One of them was Matt Gaetz, who Hutchinson alleges did it twice. In one Gaetz “chuckled and brushed his thumb across my chin” before saying, “Has anyone ever told you you’re a national treasure?”

In another, during a visit to Camp David, Gaetz asked, in front of Meadows and his future sparring partner Kevin McCarthy, if she could “escort me to my cabin.” McCarthy told him, “Get a life, Matt.”

Maddow had reached out to Gaetz for a comment on the allegations. He wrote back, “I don’t remember either of these events and based on Cassidy’s prior false statements, I doubt they occurred.”

He also claimed they “did date…for a few weeks when we were both single years ago.” He said they “parted amicably and remained friends thereafter.”

Maddow admitted she was reluctant to ask Hutchinson about Gaetz’s claims, but a chuckling Hutchinson was more than happy to respond. She admitted they were friends “at points,” but that now he was “somebody that I personally do not hold in high regards in terms of trust.” She added that he “doesn’t have the best track record for relationships” — perhaps a subtle dig at the federal investigation into his ties to a sex trafficking ring.

She then twisted the knife, saying, “I never dated Matt Gaetz. I have much higher standards in men.” She added that he was a “very unserious politician, and we see that today with the ruckus that he is causing that he is causing on Capitol Hill with the spending negotiations.”

She concluded, “I don’t have much else to say else to say to somebody who’s more concerned about a sound bite than actually passing legislation.”

Of course, right now Gaetz has bigger fish to fry. He’s busy helping drive the country to another government shutdown, which he’s been trying to blame on the guy who allegedly mocked him when he tried to hit on Cassidy Hutchinson.

(Via Raw Story)