Boyfriends See What It’s Like When Their Girlfriends Get Catcalled

Taking a break from their usual “10 Sex Positions For College Grads To Do In the Back of a Jeep” features, Cosmopolitan had the boyfriends in three couples watch what happens when their girlfriends walk the streets of New York City. There are constant catcalls, from “she is gorgeous, what’s up?” to “nice titties,” a line that has never worked on any stranger, ever.

That’s the thing about catcalling: It’s unwanted, demeaning, and often gross, yes, but also, has it ever worked? What do men who yell out things like “I’ll massage your feet” expect the woman to say? “Sure, let’s go”? That’s who Cosmo should speak to next, once they wrap production on “Why Men Eating a Sandwich Really Means They Want to Take a Bite Out of You.”

(Via Cosmopolitan)