‘I Would Rather Chop My Arm Off & F**k Myself With The Detached Limb’: Celebrities Read Mean Tweets On Kimmel

“Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” is apparently a recurring segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live, but I don’t remember seeing the first installment and I found the whole thing unexpectedly enjoyable. As I’ve mentioned before, self-deprecation is the quickest way to a third party’s heart, so even though I don’t understand the appeal of three-quarters of the celebrities Kimmel has participating, I fully get enjoying them reading tweets about how much they suck. That’s just good television.

Fun begins at roughly the 1:00 mark. And not to overly spoil anything, but highlights include the above, Danny McBride’s Mike Piazza hair, and Larry King clothing the poor. Enjoy!

And you had the nerve to say Kristen Stewart can’t act. *Grabs crotch at your allegations*

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