Chandler Bing Will Dance On All Of The Things And You Will Like It

Could the internet be more delightfully silly? Yes, actually, it could, as has been just revealed to us by the Chandler Dances on Things Tumblr, which is a real thing that exists in this wonderful world of ours solely devoted to GIFs of Chandler Bing from Friends dancing on things. Look, just accept it and move on. Don’t ask questions. Thinking about this too hard might just make your brain explode, and that would make you sad.

Our favorite dancing Chandler GIFs are below, and there’s a blank one here if you want to make Chandler dance in the location of your choice while you laugh maniacally and thunder booms at the perfectly apt moment. All GIFs via Chandler Dances on Things. Thanks to Jeff for the assist.

Could this be any more Tumblr?

Nutella? I spoke too soon. It could be more Tumblr.