Channing Tatum Busted Out His ‘Magic Mike’ Moves In A North Carolina Gas Station

Ya boi Channing “C-Tates” Tatum is traveling the country to support his new film with Adam Driver and Daniel Craig, Logan Lucky. He recently hit up Harlan County, Kentucky, and Statesville, North Carolina, where he met a Sunoco employee named Beatrice. The two of them immediately hit it off. After an amusing conversation involving Beatrice asking a customer if he knows who Tatum is (“I’m the manager”), she turns on the music and they begin dancing.

What is it about Channing Tatum movies and gas stations?

While in North Carolina, Tatum also visited Charlotte Motor Speedway, where parts of Logan Lucky were filmed. “The Coca-Cola 600 is an integral part of Logan Lucky,” he said. “I wanted to come to the race this year and celebrate what truly makes it special: the fans. Logan Lucky isn’t about the cameras, the sets, the directors, or even the actors. It’s about the people and the characters that you’re able to discover through them. That’s what is genuinely important and what I hope to share with you through this film.”

Also important: this video.

Directed by Steven Soderbergh, Logan Lucky opens August 18. To read more about the curse of the titular family, head here.