Breaking Down The Curse Of The Logan Family In ‘Logan Lucky’

Everyone can feel like they’re under some sort of curse. All it takes is a couple of bad days to make you think the whole world is aligned against you somehow. But if you’re a member of the Logan family, a West Virginia clan at the center of the Steven Soderbergh directed heist comedy Logan Lucky, that kind of feeling can follow you your entire life. And it can be an entirely legitimate concern with a deep bit of familial history that goes all the way back to their great-grandfather, a discovery, and a really bad decision.

Jimmy Logan (Channing Tatum), who was fired from his job due to his limp, and his brother Clyde (Adam Driver), who has been mired with bad luck ever since he lost his arm on the way back from the war sure seem destined to live their whole lives paying for their ancestor’s sin. But they seem to have one thing going for them: a strong desire to disprove the town-wide notion that they’re nothing more than a couple of simple-minded buffoons and change their family’s luck with an elaborate heist. Can they do it, or is this just another epically bad Logan family decision?

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