This Guy Got Back At His Cheating Girlfriend By Messing Up Her Relationship With Her Own Mom

It’s only Tuesday, but we’ve already got a contender for best revenge story of the week. Move over, dude who filmed the execution of his intricately diabolical dumping plan, this guy got back at his cheating ex by turning her own mother against her for all time. Ouch.

Bro Bible reports that the story starts out like most tales in which love has gone wrong. Boy meets girl. Boy wants to marry girl. Girl cheats on boy and rips his entire heart out while it’s still beating. But instead of planning something horrible to avenge the injustice visited upon him, this dude decided to take “the high road” and avenge himself by packing up her stuff and taking it over to her mom’s house. Why her mom’s house? Well, apparently this dude is a complete catch who’s the basis of every mom’s fantasy for the man her daughter will marry. And after two years of dating, he knew he was going to have to do something pretty heavy to make it clear that he should never be crossed.

Here’s what happened after the guy spent a few days letting out all his emotions with his friends, one of whom posted this story on Reddit:

He drove to his girlfriend’s mothers house, over an hour outside of town, with her items from his apartment nicely boxed up, and said he wanted to leave them with her for [GF]. GF’s mom and him had met several times, he had gone to their Thanksgiving, etc. GF’s mom was like, OK, but why? Not suspecting anything was wrong. And he said something brief like, “I don’t think we’ll be seeing each other again, but I needed to get this box back to her. But thank you for everything you’ve done for me. I’m sorry it didn’t work out.” GF’s mom is stunned and tries to ask why and what and everything but my friend just starts crying (I don’t think intentionally) and runs off and drives away. He never broke up with the GF — never even contacted her — she heard about it from her mom, who called her immediately, and he received confused and angry texts from the now-ex on his drive home. A little while later (at least a couple of weeks) he gets an email from the GF’s mom, I don’t remember the specifics, but it was not “I apologize for my daughter” but more like “I hope you find a woman who loves you unconditionally” or something to that effect. He responded with something like “Thanks, your note means a lot to me” — nothing negative.

That’s already a pretty heavy revenge — nothing is worse than a mom’s disappointment in your actions, and I’m actually feeling really sorry for the cheater here — but it gets even heavier: The guy goes on to become a big-deal lawyer and the mom never stops being upset about her daughter cheating on him, thereby causing the tension in their relationship which, even when it’s not being spoken about, is ever-present.

Dude is now a up-and-coming lawyer, and still gets texts from the ex saying that she constantly hears from her mom how she ruined it with the one good guy she had and how she doesn’t deserve to be happy. Friend has never responded to one text, and blocked her from FB. Of course, this was all 100 percent planned – my friend wanted the hurt to come from someone who would stay in his ex’s life, not from someone who would be quickly forgotten. He deliberately created a rift in the closest relationship that two women can have. And all in a friendly 60-second conversation with no harsh words or accusations.

Just reading about this guy’s ice-cold payback is sending a shiver down my spine. If there’s anything this teaches us, though, it’s that the next time your relationship goes south, you shouldn’t key their car or graffiti their house. Just tell the cheater’s mom. You and I both know nothing could be worse.

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