Check Out The Over-The-Top Weaponry Of ‘Bloodborne’ In Gore-Soaked Action

02.17.15 4 years ago 3 Comments

Bloodborne isn’t exactly a subtle game, and that lack of subtlety definitely extends to the game’s ridiculous weaponry. Bloodborne’s most iconic weapon is of course the brutal saw cleaver, but you’ll also be able to wield giant axes, hammers and firearms. Hell, the game even lets you swing around a flesh-rending blade whip.

It isn’t just the weapons that are impressive – Bloodborne boasts some truly next level blood effects. Basically every slash of your sword causes an Evil Dead 2-esque blood explosion. I suppose when your game has “Blood” right there in the title, you have a responsibility to deliver the goods. Bloodborne rips and tears its way onto shelves on March 24th.

via IGN

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