Watch This Fast-Food Employee Use A Bun After Wiping It On The Floor

If you’ve never seen one of their commercials during a 2 a.m. airing of Cheaters (not that I would know), Checkers is a fast-food chain founded in Mobile, Alabama, but now has locations across the East Coast and Midwest and is the type of dining establishment known for serving burgers, hot dogs, and fried chicken.

But thanks to this YouTube video, it will now also probably be known for employees astoundingly breaking health-code laws, as you can see this woman in the video wiping the floor with a bun before using it to make a sandwich and ostensibly serving it. It’s unclear if this was designated for a “special” customer (not that it makes it OK), but, aside from the floor-bun itself, the spatula she then uses to spread sauce on it and then puts back also becomes contaminated, along with the rest of the sauce.

It’s like, if you can’t trust people who are paid a ridiculously meager fast-food wage to take pride in their work, who can you trust?