Chelsea Peretti Dropped What Might Be The Ultimate ‘Get Out And Vote On Tuesday’ Tweet

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Twitter has not been short on political tweets since Donald Trump first announced his presidential campaign back in the more innocent age of 2015. That number has rocketed recently, with the looming midterm elections this Tuesday. But some still manage to break through the din, to hit those who can no longer in this day and age be shocked. A good example of this is this tweet from comedian and Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Chelsea Peretti:

Now this is a tweet. Peretti manages to squeeze a lot into a single missive, coming just five characters shy of the 280 limit, and mostly sticking to the last six months alone. She’s got the Parkland massacre. She’s got immigrant children detained and separated from their parents. She’s got the seven journalists — the “enemy of the people,” as per Trump — murdered by a gunman. She’s got alleged sexual abusers getting off scot-free, including the most powerful man in the world. She’s got white supremacy, which has only escalated in the last two weeks. Oh, and she’s got that the commander in chief is regularly, daily, hourly caught in big, obvious lies.

Because this is a political tweet, and a political tweet from a famous person, it’s best not to wade into the comments, which feature plenty of people with creepy red Xes in their handles dissembling and what-about-ing. In tweeting this popular tweet, Peretti — who’s also written for Parks and Recreation, appeared on the likes of The Sarah Silverman Program and is married to Jordan Peele — really took one for the team.

Anyway, Election Day is Tuesday. Don’t make excuses. And don’t forget to self-medicate by taking a breather now and then and reading about the Central Park Mandarin duck.