It’s Hard Not To Relate To This Kid Being Bested By A Garbage Bin

The mood in America is all over the place at the moment, but at least everyone can band together and give a disapproving middle finger to taking out the trash. BOOOOO! YOU’RE GARBAGE, TRASH! Lugging your waste to the curb sucks, the accumulated fluid is a vomit alley-oop, and attempts to make the process palatable have destroyed noble cities like Springfield. That’s why the child in the video nestled above is so goshdarn relatable.

Trusted baseball bat to the groin video vendors AFV have shared with the world an epic 44-second struggle featuring a boy trying to transport a garbage bin to its desired location. The spirit is willing, but the wind sure as sugar isn’t doing our transporter any favors. He gets the Chumbawumba treatment of getting knocked down, getting up again and then being sold for $2 at a 2003 garage sale. (Okay, maybe just the first two things.) If you’ve had a hard day, month or year, you’ll find this determined kid’s battle all the more relatable.

The lid of the bin gets in some quality shots on our hero, but this kid isn’t letting a wheelable trash container keep him on the mat. May we all learn from your resolve and focus, young garbage fighter.

(Via Mashable)