Chris Christie Reveals The Heartless Question That Trump Asked Him When They Were Both Hospitalized With COVID-19

Donald Trump and Chris Christie have a, let’s say, tumultuous relationship. The former-New Jersey governor was the first “high-profile establishment Republican to legitimize Donald Trump in 2016,” leading to this incredible moment in Hostage Face history, but since then, Christie and the ex-president have been locked in various petty feuds.

Trump blamed his exposure to COVID-19 on Christie, going so far as to claim that he saw “the spittle” come out of his mouth and “tried to duck from the droplets” as they sat across from each other while prepping for a debate against Joe Biden. In his new book, Republican Rescue: Saving the Party From Truth Deniers, Conspiracy Theorists, and the Dangerous Policies of Joe Biden, Christie also revealed what an infected Trump called and asked him when they were hospitalized with the deadly disease.

Mr. Christie reveals how worried he and others were for his survival when he became infected with the coronavirus after being at the White House around the same time that Mr. Trump and several other aides contracted COVID-19. Mr. Christie writes that his priest arrived in the hospital and rubbed oils on his forehead in the sign of the cross, praying over him. He got a call from a hospitalized Mr. Trump, who had one main concern: “Are you gonna say you got it from me?” Mr. Trump asked him.

A “get well” gift basket from McDonald’s would have sufficed.

Anyway, Christie claims his book isn’t about Trump. “It’s a book about where we go from here and why it is important for us to let go of the past,” he told the New York Times. And if New Jersey residents want to let go of Bridgegate, Christie would be fine with that, too.

(Via the New York Times)