Chris Christie Dropped A Scathing Reaction To The Latest Trump Indictment: ‘A One Man Crime Wave’

No one in the Republican primary has rained more fire down on Donald Trump than Chris Christie. While that strategy has yet to prove effective with a GOP base who may still be hopelessly chained to the former president, it hasn’t stopped Christie from hammering Trump at every turn.

While discussing the seemingly endless parade of Trump indictments, Christie once again tapped into his experience as a federal prosecutor to explain why voters shouldn’t be waving away the charges. Here’s what the former New Jersey governor recently told Pod Save America after being asked if he’s ever “heard of someone facing between four and six trials within a few months for different legal issues.”

Via Mediaite:

“No. No. Usually, folks like this commit discrete crimes,” Christie joked. “And wind up having one trial. This guy has been a one man crime wave. Look, he’s earned every one of them. If you look at it, every one of these is self-inflicted. And that’s why, you know, do I think that prosecutors exercise prosecutorial judgment in discretion in some respects that are questionable? Yeah – and they always have.”

Always the prosecutor, Christie made a case to voters to not dismiss Trump’s actions.

“What I say to people all the time is whether you agree or disagree with the prosecutors, look at the underlying conduct,” he said before imploring them to wonder if that conduct is “appropriate for someone who wants to be president of the United States.”

However, Christie did concede that he’s not fully onboard with the Stormy Daniels indictment and would not have brought those charges as a prosecutor. But, again, he emphasized that it shows concerning behavior from Trump.

“Do we want someone as president who is willing to pay off a porn star who he had an affair with, two months before a national election to hide it from the people who he’s asking for their vote for president of the United States?” Christie asked. “I think that’s probably conduct that we should be frowning upon.”

(Via Mediaite)