Chris Pratt Visited The Children’s Hospital Of Los Angeles As Star-Lord

It had been all of two days since Chris Pratt did some good in the world, so to rectify that, the Parks and Recreation star visited the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles yesterday as his Guardians of the Galaxy character, Star-Lord. While there, he made sure to visit Dylan “Lego Kid” Prunty, an eight-year-old boy who’s being treated for mitochondrial disease. Why the nickname?

With the help of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the 8-year-old asked for the Lego masters to design a replica of the hospital, complete with a helicopter pad, cafeteria, gift shop and an operating room…Dylan said he didn’t just wish to build the hospital because he likes Legos.

“So we could raise money for more research,” he said. (Via)

Everything isn’t awesome, but you are, Dylan.