‘I Don’t Feel Like Celebrating’: Chris Rock Compares The Election To ‘Cast Away’

Joe Biden is leading Donald Trump by nearly four million votes in the presidential election, and he’ll hit the necessary 270 Electoral College mark once Pennsylvania, Nevada, or Georgia makes it official. But Chris Rock doesn’t feel like dancing.

“Oddly I don’t feel like celebrating. I feel like Tom Hanks towards the end of Cast Away,” the Fargo actor wrote on Instagram, referring to the 2000 Robert Zemeckis movie. “I’m really happy the ship came but I dont want to party. I just want to take a shower cut my hair eat a shrimp find Helen Hunt deliver my last package and figure out the rest of my life.” What Rock seems to be getting at is something many Democrats, or at least non-Trump supporters, are feeling today: it’s good that Biden is (probably) going to win, but the work has just begin. Or maybe he wants to buy a new volleyball, I don’t know.

Rock and Trump’s lives have intersected in the past, including the time the president c*ckblocked him, Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, and Prince in the club. “Trump walks in and all these girls just start running to that side of the room because a f*cking 6-foot-whatever blond billionaire with his name on all the buildings walks in — like if that room was a seesaw, we’d be in the air,” he said. Rock will get his revenge with this weekend’s potential follow-up to this 2016 SNL sketch. Dave Chappelle is even back as host.

(Via Instagram)