Fox News’ Chris Wallace Is Getting Slammed Across The Board As ‘Moderator’ Of The First Trump-Biden Debate

No one should be surprised that the first Trump-Biden debate is total chaos. Trump refuses to let his opponent speak interrupted, Biden told him to shut up, and then for the first time in U.S. history, the sitting president was called “a clown” during a general election debate. Both sides are slinging insults, and Biden actually raised his voice about two-thirds of the way through the show. It’s absolute mayhem, and Fox News’ Chris Wallace is acting as moderator of the evening’s events.

Or is he? Wallace isn’t able to get a word in edgewise, which was undoubtedly the plan from Trump, and Biden’s throwing plenty of shots. In the middle of it all, Wallace isn’t putting up much of a fight. And he’s being roundly called out (by the right, left, and everything in between) for his (lack of a) performance.

In all fairness, could anyone moderate this hot mess? Well, maybe Samuel L. Jackson could, as one user pointed out on Twitter.

The complaints continued (as you can see below), and as it stands, there’s still two more scheduled debates between the president and the former vice president (but will they happen?). 2020, it only gets weirder as the year continues.