Chrissy Teigen Destroyed Kevin ‘Hercules’ Sorbo’s Dreamers Argument In Just Four Words

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In the years since the Hercules: The Legendary Journeys TV series and movies, actor Kevin Sorbo has quietly become a far-right evangelistic, starring in movies such as the 2014 Christian drama God’s Not Dead and the Sean Hannity executive produced Let There Be Light. Sorbo also became an outspoken supporter of Trump before the 2016 election, claiming that Jesus would vote for the Celebrity Apprentice star. “You look at Hillary,” he told Fox and Friends back in August of 2016. “Does Jesus, does God support lying? Does He support killing? I’m not saying she’s a killer, but she let people die in Benghazi.”

Cool story, Hercules.

So it goes without saying that Sorbo’s Twitter feed is just a whole mess of unpopular opinions, particularly when it comes to the subject of immigration — such as a recent tweet from February 10, in which Sorbo incredibly compared low-wage immigration jobs to “the argument of the slave owners.”

Likewise, earlier this week Sorbo slammed DACA recipients, firing off that “Only in America are legal citizens labeled ‘racists’ and ‘Nazis,’ but illegal aliens are called ‘Dreamers.'”

Now, one could systematically pick apart that statement and analyze exactly why it’s problematic — or we could just let the internet’s girlfriend Chrissy Teigen to step in and succinctly destroy him in just four words:

And, Twitter reacted accordingly:

This isn’t the first time Teigen has gone after right-wing trolls. Back in 2016 she and Piers Morgan had a very public spat and let’s just say it did not end well for him. You come at the queen, you best not miss.

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