Christina Applegate Turned Down A Reality TV Offer For A Very Understandable Reason

Christina Applegate is coming off three seasons of Dead To Me success, which kicked her career into another gear. The accolades were well-earned, and I hope that Applegate has taken a page from her character regarding the therapeutic value of rage metal because, honestly, that remains one of the most relatable parts of that Netflix series. (She has also admitted to some well-placed frustrations, so metal might be rad there, too.)

What’s also relatable? Applegate revealed that, at one point about a decade ago, she was approached — possibly in an attempt to capitalize upon her Married… With Children run — to join the The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, but she declined the offer. Recently on the MeSsy podcast that Applegate co-hosts (with Jamie-Lynn Sigler), she revealed why that wouldn’t have been a good fit for her, and a franchise producer recently agreed. Via Page Six:

“And he’s like, ‘Oh, yeah, we asked you.’ I said, ‘Chris [Cullen, producer], now that you know me, would I have been a fun ‘Housewife’?’ He’s like, ‘No, it would’ve been the most boring s–t I’ve ever seen in my life.'”

“I wouldn’t have shown up to any dinners,” the “Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead” star shared. “I would’ve been in my sweatpants, and I’d be lying in bed. What fun is that? No, none of that … I would be the worst ‘Housewife’ anyway.”

Hmm, hanging out in sweatpants/yoga pantsor engaging in drama? That’s not a tough choice to make on multiple levels. Hopefully, we’ll be able to see much more of Applegate in special appearances like these, too. She has also been very frank about her ongoing MS experiences on the podcast, and surely, Applegate must be relieved to not have spent part of her acting years on a reality TV show. There’s always room for that later, if she so chooses.

(Via Page Six)