A Post-Christmas Wrap-Up Of People Wiping Out On Their New Hoverboards

Oh, hoverboards. Some people consider them the hottest gift this Christmas. I see them as butt smashing, hip bruising, wrist breaking carnage machines. They aren’t even legit hoverboards! The only real hovering you’ll be doing on your ‘hoverboard’ is the half second between taking a header off it and hitting the ground. The less fun but more accurate name for them is apparently ‘self-balancing scooter’, but that also seems like something of a misnomer since the damn things don’t seem to balance at all.

Even the best models will drop you like a sack of potatoes with one wrong shift of your weight, and the cheaper you go the more likely the hoverboard is to buck you off or catch on a pebble or carpet ridge. You don’t even have to go into the whole catching fire / exploding aspect of hoverboards to see why they may not be the best gift to give someone whose limbs and general well-being you value.

But gift them people did, and now the internet is awash in videos of people getting dumped on their ass. Let’s take a moment to enjoy some of them. It’s #hoverboardfail Christmas edition.

Merry Christmas everyone ???????? #hoverboard #christmas

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And just to prove it’s not always the hoverboard’s fault…

So instead of stepping on a hoverboard and potentially breaking your coccyx, why not just sit on a nice comfortable couch and enjoy a book or some video games or something else that won’t send you to the emergency room? And remember, kids: