America’s Oldest GOP Senator Seems Upset That Massive Amounts Of Fentanyl Are Being Seized In ‘Biden’s America,’ And People Are Confused As Hell

America has a serious opioid problem so one would think that news of the seizure of massive amounts of Fentanyl at the border would be welcome. And, it probably is, by everyone except Senator Chuck Grassley apparently.

The 88-year-old Iowa statesman tweeted some truly bizarre thoughts on the recent revelation that, under the Biden administration, 10,000 pounds of Fentanyl has been seized at the border this fiscal year. That feels like a bit of a victory in terms of curbing an opioid crisis that continues to wreak havoc on younger generations of Americans. Like, all of the words put together in that specific order sound like Border Patrol agents are actually doing their jobs (instead of rounding up kids and putting them into cages).

But, the way Grassley tweeted it, we can’t help but wonder: does the GOP senator want drugs crossing our borders? Here’s the original tweet for reference:

Again, seizing means to confiscate so we’d assume that confiscating enough drugs capable of killing 2 billion people would be a big win for any government figure. That means those drugs aren’t crossing state lines into Iowa and hurting your constituents, your economy, etc. So why does it sound like Grassley is angry that we caught the drug smugglers before they could smuggle the drugs?

We really don’t know, but Twitter was happy to drag Grassley for his confused posting anyway:

It really is so uncomfortable watching some people log onto Twitter.