CNN Is Now Openly Calling Fox News ‘The Bulls*it Factory,’ Thanks To Jim Acosta

CNN’s Jim Acosta hasn’t been holding back lately, criticizing Fox News and singling out Tucker Carlson for his white supremacist rhetoric. The journalist continued to call out the network this weekend, and now it seems that one nickname he gave them is starting to catch on.

Saturday brought another segment from Acosta about Fox News, in which he called them a “bullsh*t factory” during a monologue about the damage done by right-wing rhetoric when it comes to political discourse in America. In this case it was manufactured right-wing outrage over false claims that Joe Biden wanted to strictly limit the amount of red meat Americans ate. The segment showed plenty of nonsense on Fox News, which is why Acosta was more than willing to call the network out.

Acosta’s argument was that, even though the claim was false, “the damage was done, pumped out by the bullsh*t factory that is Fox News.”

The moment struck a cord with viewers, many of which shared video of it online. And it apparently struck others on CNN as a good nickname for Fox News. On Sunday, Ana Navarro-Cárdenas also joined Acosta on air and quoted his “bulls*it factory” line.

These sorts of attacks will do little to stop Fox News from overreacting to the news cycle, both imagined and otherwise. But it’s another instance of CNN and Acosta making the Fox News worldview something worth mocking. If Acosta keeps this up, though, he just might find himself in the crosshairs of the comedy geniuses doing late-night at Fox News. Careful, Jim.