Fox News’ ‘Comedy’ Show With Greg Gutfeld Is Sparking Brutal Reactions Over Its Cringeworthy Jokes

Greg Gutfeld of Fox News’ The Five is officially in the late-night comedy business now. Well, that’s sort-of the case. His new show, Greg Gutfeld’s Gutfeld! aims to be an alternative to all the late-night comedy shows (and cable news talk shows) out there, and so far, it’s drawing a decent amount of viewers (1.69 million, which beats the cable news competition). One would expect that the existing crowd showed up because Gutfeld is promising to “cancel cancel culture,” although one can’t expect the attraction to last too long. Not when people get over the novelty of exactly how not-laugh-filled this show’s jokes turned out to be.

Take the opening monologue, for example, which suggests that Joe Biden thinks his TV is a microwave and that Brian Williams broadcasts from Mars.

It’s… not great. Even “hard-edged satirists” are supposed to be funny. Well, this is not drawing genuine laughs, and comedians are taking notice. Both Michael Ian Black and Tim Heidecker noted that the logo looks too far too close to the Garfield counterpart. Is that funny?

The Daily Beast spoke with some comedians who’ve offered their own criticism. Jena Friedman (formerly of The Daily Show and now of Borat Subsequent Moviefilm) declared, “It’s like watching a guy going through a divorce doing an impression of Bill Maher… He reminds me of the boss whose jokes you’re forced to laugh at.” Sasha Stewart (formerly of Nightly Show) stated, “Just because something has the cadence of a joke does not make it a joke.” She added, “I’m sorry for the five staffers who make up the laugh track.”

Justin Cousson (who noted the laugh track) and Conan writer Laurie Kilmartin also weighed in.

People can’t stop marveling at how cringeworthy all of these jokes are turning out to be.

Meanwhile, let’s turn to Sean Hannity.. here’s a real laugh.