The CNN Sketch Artist’s Drawings From The Audio-Only White House Press Briefing Led To Some Fantastic Memes

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On Tuesday, a recently fat-shamed Sean Spicer appeared on camera for the first time in over a week to address reporters at the White House Press Briefing. Aside from this particular fluke, however, the embattled communications team trying feverishly to represent President Donald Trump and his policies has avoided the prying visual recording devices of interested (and accredited) parties. They returned to face the White House Press Corps on Friday, albeit during a much-maligned audio-only gaggle, to which CNN sent a sketch artist to compose visuals for its viewers en lieu of permissible cameras.

The results of CNN’s sketch artist, Bill Hennessy, are actually quite good. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as Hennessy typically bears witness to the comings and going of the United States Supreme Court, a characteristically press-averse governmental body that rigorously controls what reporters are and aren’t allowed to visually or aurally record. The White House Press Briefings, until recently, weren’t nearly as strictly policed — hence Hennessy’s deployment by CNN to Spicer’s abode at the White House.

Needless to say, the Internet wasted no time in responding to the CNN-commissioned sketches with equal parts seriousness and hilarity. Though if we’re being totally honest, most of the reactions to Hennessey’s drawings weren’t all that serious — especially when it came to obvious but welcome comparisons to a-ha’s music video for “Take On Me.”

Musical references notwithstanding, CNN’s Jim Acosta and his colleagues tried to present a united social media front.

Fortunately, Twitter didn’t allow it.

Meanwhile, CNN’s Jeff Zeleny noticed Spicer — the otherwise camera-shy White House Press Secretary — was busy giving an interview to Fox News not too long after the audio-only press briefing.