This Deadly Eight-Foot-Long Cobra Being Pulled From A Toilet Might Scare You Off Pooping Forever

Nothing to see here, folks, just a very deadly, eight-foot-long cobra being pulled out of a toilet in an apartment in Pretoria, South Africa. A snake handler was called to the scene after the residents ostensibly noticed the snake before using the toilet, because we can probably guess how that would have turned out. (Spoiler alert: with a guy getting his dong munched on by a snake, which happened in Thailand earlier this year.) Thankfully no dongs (or butts) were harmed in this instance, as you can see the handler making his best efforts to guide the snake out of his toilety home and into a tube shaped thing used for transporting toilet snakes.

Unfortunately this story doesn’t have a happy ending, because the video cuts off before the cobra made its hasty retreat back into the toilet, and according to Los Angeles’ ABC 7, which reported on the story, the cobra “now rests somewhere in the apartment’s pipe system.” It’s unclear how many apartments that building holds, but it looks like some residents are going to find out the hard way just how long they’re able to hold it. Pooping at work has never seemed like such an attractive option!

(ABC 7 via BroBible)