Stephen Colbert Landed A Saucy Blow On House Speaker Mike Johnson’s Weird Christian Podcast

Stephen Colbert has been making new Speaker of the House Mike Johnson a regular target, and boy, is the Louisiana congressman making it easy for the late night host. Johnson’s hardcore fundamentalist views have been a gold mine for Colbert, who roasted the House Speaker for the weird Christian podcast that Johnson hosts with his wife Kelly.

Johnson has a laundry list of “extreme anti-LGBTQ views,” and Colbert went to town on the congressman’s backward thinking.

“Unfortunately, every day we continue to learn more about new Speaker of the House and wax figurine of Mike Johnson, Mike Johnson,” Colbert said to kick off the segment. “He’s also made headlines for his extreme anti-LGBTQ views. Once saying that gay marriage is a ‘dark harbinger of chaos and sexual anarchy.’ And Mike Johnson fears sexual anarchy. He believes in sexual government with three sexual branches: Man, woman, and the judiciary.”

“They like to watch, and judge,” Colbert joked.

The late night host turned his attention to the Johnson’s podcast where he landed a saucy blow on the couple.

“But Johnson’s not alone in his backward views,” Colbert said. “He hosts a podcast with his wife, Kelly, called ‘Truth be Told,’ which they say ‘presents thoughtful analysis of hot topics and current events from a Christian perspective.’ Though if Mike and Kelly are such conservative Christians, why is the latest podcast they recorded, and this is true, Episode 69.”

“Really? Really? Two Johnsons in a 69?” Colbert quipped. “You’re sending mixed messages, folks.”

Colbert then made it a point to note that Kelly Johnson is also a real piece of work.

“And Kelly is, if possible, just as weird as her husband,” Colbert said. “She runs something called Onward Christian Counseling Services, which offensively and outrageously equates being gay with bestiality. Evidently, Kelly believes it’s Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. And don’t get her started on Turner & Hooch.”

You can catch Colbert commenting on Johnson at the 5:45 mark below:

(Via The Late Show with Stephen Colbert)