Colin Quinn Trashes Will Ferrell In Twitter Meltdown

If you had Colin Quinn in your office’s “Next Celebrity to Have a Twitter Meltdown” pool, today’s your lucky day. Go ahead and collect your winnings.

Quinn, the former SNL Weekend Update guy, took to Twitter an hour or so ago and began revealing some of the darkest places in his soul. It started off well enough, with Quinn tweeting about how his career is suddenly taking off and good things are on the horizon, but then shifted abruptly to talking about the skeletons in his closet.

“I mean wish me the best because on the other side, there’s some really heavy stuff that could come out about me too. Real bad stuff,” Quinn wrote. “I mean unforgiveable. Really bad and serious charges. So that’s kind of hanging over my head, as well. It’s ugly stuff. Stuff that I keep saying no, I’ll never do that again, then it’s like I wake up and it’s like OH MY GOD! You know? I’ve done things…I mean we all have…that can never be taken back. Nobody can control their desires…Am I right, or am I right? Terrible things.

Quinn then transitioned to Will Ferrell, mentioning Ferrell being presented with the Mark Twain award for humor in passing before accusing his former SNL castmate of being a raging drug addict, in addition to being an idea thief.

As of this writing, Quinn is retweeting some of the @ replies he’s getting calling him a bitter, washed-up, talentless idiot. So there’s a chance he’s just being a troll, I suppose. Otherwise, cue the good ole “I was hacked” excuse as soon as Quinn’s flack finds out about this.