Comic-Con: Behold The Cape And Cowl Of Batfleck From ‘Batman V Superman’

Last night was preview night at San Diego Comic-Con, and, as a result, everybody who could get in immediately sprinted to see what they could of DC’s upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. OK, so it’s just a cowl and cape. But it’s still pretty neat.

First of all, it looks like Kevin Smith was completely full of s***, as the cowl appears to be your basic black and actually doesn’t resemble the outfit from The Dark Knight Returns all that much. If anything it looks like the 1989 Batcape, just with shorter ears. Superhero Hype photographed it from pretty much every possible angle, so you can check it out there.

Overall… it looks pretty good. Granted, they’re decidedly pretty conservative with this go-round. They’re clearly not trying to reinvent the wheel by giving him Kelley Jones-esque ears or anything. But at least we know Batman won’t be goofy in this one.

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