An Anti-Woke Beer Company’s ‘Most Beautiful Conservative Women In America’ Calendar Has Caused Utter Chaos

Have you heard? Calendars, like Legos, are woke now. That’s why the beer company Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right is selling a calendar featuring “the most beautiful conservative women in America,” including swimmer Riley Gaines, who opposes transgender athletes in college sports, and Josie the Redheaded Libertarian. It’s the ideal gift for your most annoying uncle who has Sound of Freedom as his favorite movie of the year, but the calendar (which includes “fun non-woke messages”) has many conservatives fuming.

Mediaite reports that a number of “conservative women simply cannot believe that conservative men like to look at scantily clad women and that these 12 women consented to letting them.” Relatable podcast (which analyzes “culture, news, and politics from a biblical perspective”) host Allie Beth Stuckey took to X to voice her issues with the calendar. “You can probably guess what I think about a calendar branded for ‘conservative dads’ filled with pictures of women, many of them married and many of them very scantily clad. Hate it,” she wrote, adding, “Of course these women are gorgeous, and of course I’m all for celebrating true femininity in an age that can’t define ‘woman.’ In my view, this doesn’t accomplish that at all.”

Peachy Keenan, who calls herself a “Wife Supremacist” in her X bio, wrote, “‘Riley, we love that you stood up for young girls who don’t want men ogling them in the locker room while they get undressed. Now please get undressed so Conservative Dads can ogle you.’ This literally happened.”

The Daily Signal columnist Rachel del Guidice even compared the calendar to “soft porn.” She continued, “Conservatives, representing a movement that is pro-life, pro-family, and pro-civil society, should never be inviting lust in any way, shape, or form. Yes, we can and should highlight the women who make our movement the strongest, best, most attractive movement in the world. But doing so by flaunting their bodies is absolutely not the way.”

Here are more reactions:

This is why everyone should have a Far Side calendar, and that’s it.

(Via Mediaite)