Feast Your Eyes On This Corn Shucking Golden Retriever

You didn’t click on this story by accident. You’re here because it’s 4th of July weekend and you’re FREAKING AMPED to see a dog shuck some corn. No shame in that, we’re excited too. (Time to break out the good sparklers.)

The video you see at the top of your screen is of a golden retriever (not to be confused with a silver or bronze retriever) helping shuck corn. No hidden Animorph type powers are required by our sous chef. He simply uses his doggy mouth to tear away at the corn until it reaches a satisfactory level. Boom! Corn shucked by a canine. This star pup is cute, helpful and polite enough not to lean over to the left out Windex and spray it into the eyes of their enemies. Golden retrievers are marvellous friends like that.

Does your dog have any special skills? I know one dog I had as a kid boasted the special ability to diarrhea on the carpet with abandon. That’s not a good special skill to have. (Or is it?) Presumably your special dog skill stories are less gross. Feel free to brag, BS and chat ’bout them dogs in the comments.

(via Mashable)