Watch This Guy Get Cosmetic Surgery On His Earlobes After Years Of Wearing Spacers

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07.28.15 3 Comments

Just a warning, this video is not for the squeamish. Kurt Barnett started stretching his earlobes at 19 years old because he liked the way it looked. However, after having graduated from high school and moved on to the real world, he started to regret his body modifications as so many young people do. (I’ve still got my bad college tattoo, so no judgement here.)

So, Barnett made the decision to undergo cosmetic surgery to repair his stretched ear-holes, which dangle unattractively without his spacers in, which he can’t wear for his job as a spray foam installer as the straps for the mask he is required to wear gets in the way. Here’s where the squeamish part comes in. I assumed this would be a before-after type of video. It’s not. This is a “watch a man his get earlobes cut apart” type of video. It should be required viewing for anyone who has ever thought about stretching their ear-holes, to say the least.

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