‘Sweethearts of the Galaxy’ Is A Webseries About Cosplay Starring Two Familiar Cosplayers

Danger Zone!

Two cosplayers frequently mentioned in these pages, Kit Quinn and Tallest Silver, have launched a kickstarter for a new cosplay-themed webseries. We’ve featured Kit Quinn here many times for her Superman cosplay, but we couldn’t leave out the cosplay of Archer‘s Lana Kane pictured above. Tallest Silver’s Power Girl cosplay has been featured here many times as well. Both of them are founding members of the Gender-Bent Justice League.

Their newest project is Sweethearts of the Galaxy, a webseries about a cosplayer who comes to believe she is the superhero Trinity Infinity after sustaining a head injury. Her friend, cosplaying as Element 47, has to cover for Trinity’s strange behavior. The series was created by Dexter Adriano and Michael Premsrirat. Adriano will direct scripts by Premsrirat with Hassan Abdul-Wahid as the D.P. and Ron Shaw as the VFX Supervisor.

The first series will comprise nine episodes of seven to ten minutes each, telling a complete story from beginning to end, as Katelyn’s best friend Silvia, who dresses up as the lovable rogue Element 47, recreates comic book scenarios to get Katelyn through her daily life: going to the ATM is hacking a weapons console, driving a friend to a job interview is capturing a supervillain, and going to work is going undercover. [Kickstarter]

Sweethearts of the Galaxy has about 10% of its $35,000 goal raised with 38 days to go. Hopefully Rex Velvet won’t come along and steal the loot.

[Banner pictures via miss-kitty-j and LATFG.]