Courtney Stodden Takes Off Her Makeup And This Is No April Fool’s Joke

Some of us are still struggling to come to terms with Courtney Stodden turning 21 last year. After all, it feels like we only just learned of her marriage to Doug Hutchison when she was 16. Since then, Stodden’s antics have grown progressively more bizarre as she moved into adulthood and began to cope with those not-so-fun moments in life. She and Hutchison split for a while, but eventually reunited in a display of true reality-show happiness, yet Stodden’s latest stunt is a real revelation. First, here’s her Easter costume from last weekend. The lady does love pink, so she was right at home with this holiday’s buffet of pastels.

Stodden specializes in outrageous behavior, and her hair and makeup jobs are part of the performance. When one runs out of stunts, erasing the stunt can be equally effective for shock value. So, she scrubbed off her makeup for a clean slate on Instagram. Her caption: “NO MAKEUP … NO HAIRSPRAY… NO FANCY CLOTHES… NO FILTER ‼️ just me. #BeingBrave”

She also included a video so that everyone knows she’s not playing a joke. In motion, her lack of makeup is undeniable.

Never fear, Stodden will always be a lover of makeup, so photos like these shall soon be a common sight once again.

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