The 18 Most Insane Russian Videos Of July 2013

It’s no secret that Russia, largely due to the prevalence of dashboard cameras, consistently produces some of the most entertaining videos on the Internet. Here’s a collection of 18 clips that stood out during the month of July.

Come for the startling shenanigans you’ve come to expect from Russian videos — explosions, collisions, fights, drunks, bizarre traffic adventures — stay for the disastrous bovine love-making.

Pedestrian narrowly avoids death. (Then calmly carries on with his day.)

Truck full of gas cylinders won’t stop exploding.

Russian biker brake-checks car, pays the price.

Russian driver navigates traffic — in reverse.

Russian pedestrian narrowly avoids electrocution.

Drunk Russian kung-fu fights utility pole.

Russian man plays piano — with a second piano on his back.

Not impressed with that last one? Later he had a guitarist stand on the second piano.

Russian driver hits fornicating cows.

A two-minute drive through Barnaul, Russia.

Russian motorcyclist gets clotheslined.

Russian rocket explodes over Kazakhstan.

Russian Fire Truck = A dump truck hauling flaming garbage.

Russian jokester mocks traffic control officer with giggly “pews.”

Russian road rager receives instant karma.

Russian car chase.

Russian Dukes of Hazzard.

Russian Truck Crash Compilation.