Creepy New Footage of Metro: Last Light Makes Moscow Look Even More Bleak Than Usual

THQ is hobbling along on its last gangrenous leg, which is a shame, because the publisher still has a number of promising projects in the works. One of those projects is Metro: Last Light, a sequel to 2010’s somewhat under appreciated Metro 2033. Metro: Last Light takes place in a post-apocalyptic Moscow and looks to mix juuust enough survival horror in with the regular shootery stuff to get me interested.

Hit the jump to check out a bunch of brand new Metro: Last Light gameplay footage and screenshots…

via VG247 & Beefjack

Looks very atmospheric. Kind of like a next-gen Metroid Prime without the color. Hit the 2nd page for some screenshots.

Well hey, this room is nice and green and sunny. Post-apocalyptic Moscow isn’t all bad.

“Heelllo? Do I need to buy a drink to use the washroom?”

Metro: Last Light is set to come out sometime in early 2013 (assuming THQ manages to hold on that long).