Crytek Steps In To Save Vigil Games (Sort Of)

One of the big unanswered questions when THQ’s assets were auctioned off last week was “what’s happening to Vigil Games?” The hyenas didn’t even bother to bid on the studio behind the Darksiders series, leaving it to rot, untouched and unloved.

Well, it’s seems that Crytek, who snapped up the Homefront series at auction for a meager half-million, will be Vigil Games’ savoir. Well, sort of. Vigil has been allowed to close, but Crytek has opened up a new studio, Crytek USA, in Austin, Texas (the former home of Vigil) and hired most of Vigil’s core members. Crytek will not, however, be purchasing the Darksiders series.

So, there you have it — Crytek has come out of this situation looking like pretty savvy bastards. First they get the Homefront series for a steal, then rather than outright buying Vigil, they let them go out of business, then bought them a new building and let them move their stuff in. Bam, Crytek’s got themselves a new franchise and studio for probably less than a million bucks.

via IGN