‘The Daily Show’ Will Honor Donald Trump With A Presidential Library Dedicated To His Best Tweets

Between the crumbling House Intelligence Committee investigation into possible Russian ties, his response to the American Health Care Act’s failure, and a sinking approval rating, President Donald Trump is making things rather difficult for the reporters and late night comedians who are trying to keep up. Then again, ever since the Tweeter-in-Chief announced he would run for office in 2015, the Donald has been doing almost nothing else. After all, his tweets are so seemingly random and volatile they’ve caused “World War III” to trend across the globe.

Hence why The Daily Show with Trevor Noah is launching a new initiative to, erm, “honor” President Trump’s rapidly growing collection of tweets. Per a press release from Comedy Central, the new “Presidential Twitter Library” will be an “actual library” located in New York City. What’s more, the “fully interactive” exhibit will be free and open to the public:

The Daily Show Presents: The Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library will open in June, and it will be tremendous. It will be so tremendous that you’ll get tired of the tremendousness, so it will then close only a few days later. Sad!

By “showcasing our Commander in Chief’s preferred vessel for communicating with the public, his Twitter feed,” The Daily Show‘s latest contribution to the country’s ongoing political conversation will surely turn heads. After all, Trump tweets so often (and so randomly) that it’s hard to keep up with his attention span. Are Bill and Hillary Clinton being investigated for their Russian ties? Did President Obama really wiretap Trump Tower? What’s going on with Kristen Stewart?

Precisely which of Trump’s tweets will meet the library’s guidelines remains to be seen. As for whether or not the man himself decides to attend the exhibit bearing his name and social media likeness, who knows?