Trevor Noah Thinks He Knows The ‘Dare’ That Trump Could Post On His Shady ‘Truth’ Social Network

Donald Trump’s fishy as hell social media network, Truth Social, is obviously a comedic goldmine, and The Daily Show‘s Trevor Noah wasted no time going to work on the former president’s attempt to become the next Mark Zuckerberg. On Thursday night’s episode, Noah kicked things off by noting that people haven’t heard that much from Trump because he’s been banned from Facebook and Twitter for a good reason: Sparking the January 6 insurrection. Although, Noah quipped that Trump has been doing very well on OnlyFans where he has the “biggest boobs.”

The comedian then turned his attention to Truth Social, and its weird naming convention for posts. Where Twitter has tweets, Truth Social will have “truths,” and Trump is excited to share his first one when then site launches. However, Noah couldn’t help but predict where things are headed next.

“If Trump is posting ‘truths,’ knowing him, eventually he’s going to start posting ‘dares,” Noah said before doing his best impression of the former president. “OK, I shared my truth, now I dare you to hang Mike Pence.”

Noah then highlighted the hypocrisy of the whole endeavor by noting that Truth Social is championing itself as a haven of free speech — unless you say something bad about Trump.

“The big reason Trump and his people want their own social media app is they are sick and tired of censorship from Big Tech. And Truth Social is promising to be a free speech paradise, a place where anyone can say anything — with some exceptions,” Noah said while showing the Terms of Service that prevent users from insulting Trump.

“I’m actually on Trump’s side here,” Noah joked. “It’s his website. He doesn’t want people coming on there to roast it, just like he wouldn’t want people walking into his home, like, ‘Who decorated this place? I looks like King Midas molested your apartment!'”