Darth Doggy: The Art Of Brian Rubenacker

The force is strong with these pugs and Boston terriers by Brian Rubenacker.  Rubenacker has drawn these doe eyed doggies in scenes from the original trilogy which seems to me to be a much funnier juxtaposition than the new trilogy would be. Having cutsy versions of the characters from the new movies would be redundant.
The funniest of all of these to me is the pug Jabba the Hutt and slave Leia. There’s something about a big, fat pug version that just works, you know?
Rubenacker’s painters are available as cards, magnets and prints. Check out our favorites in the slideshow.

Luke and Leia Boston Terrier Print $15

Boba Terrier $15

Boston Terrier Yoda $15

Boston Terrier Princess Leia Magnet $4.25

Pug Jedi $15