Dave Chappelle Photobombed A Couple’s Engagement Photos: ‘We’re Gonna Go Viral, Man’

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When he’s not out on the road touring with Jon Stewart, Dave Chappelle lives a fairly quiet life with his family out of the spotlight on a 65-acre farm near Yellow Springs, Ohio. It was here over the weekend that the legendary comedian encountered a young couple named Emily and Tommy taking their engagement photos at a local brewery.

The photographer, Jaycee Brammer, eventually got up the nerves to ask Chappelle for a photo, and he did her one even better by offering to pretend “photobomb” a few shots, which Brammer later posted to social media. She told KCRA that when she showed the images to Chappelle, he responded, “We’re gonna go viral, man.” His instincts were spot on, for the below Instagram photo has been liked thousands of times already.

“So, I was shooting this engagement session at a brewery tonight and this dude photobombed us… idk, you may have heard of him. Dave something?? LOL NO FOR REAL GUYS! THE Dave Chappelle photobombed our shoot,” Brammer posted on Instagram, adding that Chappelle had been “so nice” and genuinely made their day.

“Is anyone else DYING over this? Because I am,” she wrote at the end of the now-viral post, clearly still starstruck by the encounter.

That seems as good an omen for a marriage as any, other than, say, having Tom Hanks pop up in your wedding day photos. Maybe Chappelle will even offer to officiate the ceremony. Stranger things have happened!

(Via Huffington Post)

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