Tom Hanks Helped Give This Newly Married Couple Wedding Photos They’ll Never Forget

Wedding photos are usually a pretty standard affair, as most couples are instructed to look wistfully into each others eyes, share a romantic kiss for posterity, and of course, the requisite “silly” pose. That is, unless you’re lucky enough to have none other than Tom Hanks wander into your photo shoot, as one lucky New York City couple, Elisabeth and Ryan, did this weekend. The scene was captured in Central Park by the couple’s wedding photographer, Meg Miller Photography, and it’s pretty clear that the bride was in a state of shock. Thankfully Hanks — who has been married for nearly 30 years — is probably a better omen to spot on your wedding day than, say, getting on a flight.

Nice guy Hanks was such a good sport, he even snapped a selfie with the couple which he later tweeted, congratulating the newlyweds:

This isn’t the first time Tom Hanks has helped make a bride’s day extra special. Back in 1993, when he was filming Forrest Gump in Beaufort, South Carolina, Hanks spotted a woman named Mary Dunning Chapman just as she was getting ready to take the plunge, as she later recalled to Beaufort Online.

“My bridesmaids and I were walking around the side of the church getting ready to ‘walk down the aisle’…..I saw this light blue Lincoln at the stop light just down from the church, and there was a guy hanging out waving and honking the horn. I didn’t think anything of it… the time we got to the front of the church, the car pulled up, and this guy hops out and runs up to me! He says, “Hey, I’m Tom Hanks, and I just wanted to say good luck!” He hugged me and kissed me on the cheek!! I was shocked but managed to get the photographer to snap a great shot. The rest of the wedding was kind of a blur!!

You can see Dunning Chapman’s photo here, which she was even able to get Hanks to sign for her once she tracked him down: “Congratulations! The only bride more beautiful was the one I married….I’m just sorry I missed the ceremony! God Bless, Tom Hanks.” What a dude.

(Via Reddit, Daily Dot)