The DC Bombshells Imitate Classic Pin-Ups In These Clever Variant Covers

DC Comics Bombshells are a line of statues based on fan-favorite female DC Comics characters. They were popular enough for DC to feature the Bombshells on variant covers (at the same price) for several June issues. The variant covers for Detective Comics and Action Comics have already topped sales charts for advance reorders.

The art — all by Ant Lucia — was done primarily in the style of WWII pin-ups. We were impressed by these variant covers featuring clever Lazarus Pit references, Black Canary having a beautiful singing voice (naturally), Harley Quinn on a literal bombshell, Stargirl as a film star, Batwoman as a baseball player (a woman with a bat, of course), a Rosie the Riveter version of Wonder Woman, and Zatanna finding new income streams from her talents. They even went meta with Poison Ivy posing in the style of Bettie Page, whom Poison Ivy was modeled after in the first place.

Meanwhile, some have criticized the covers for showing only female characters. To be fair, DC did do a series of “Pulp Heroes” covers back in 1997 with predominately male superheroes looking intriguingly retro, albeit not posing like problematic depictions of females (or like Hawkeye). One criticism of these covers I can definitely get behind is that it’s all white people. Comics still have a long way to go in that regard. In the meantime, here are a bunch of white (and green or orange) superladies channeling the media style of the Greatest Generation.

18″ x 24″ prints of some covers can be ordered from QMx for $14.95 each, and some are available as T-shirts here. All pictures courtesy of DC Comics via QMx, Buzzfeed, and Bleeding Cool.

Via Escapist, Bleeding Cool, Buzzfeed, and QMx